An All-In-One Package for an Integrated Development Life Cycle

CodeSoju brings Front End development best practices, tools and standards in one place.


  • Designed to provide tools, best practices and a set of standards to assist with the development of modern enterprise applications.
  • Offers step-by-step guidance for all aspects of an integrated development cycle.
  • Yeoman based generators for both Web and Mobile applications, Cloud Foundry Bluemix integration, and solutions for Content management.
  • Management System, Auth0 authentication, Data Cache.
  • Offers an integration with DreamFace – a cloud-based development platform.
  • Providing documentation of solutions with reasonings and guidance for their implementation.



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About Us

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Powered by Cedrus, a team of software architects, developers and UX designers with expertise in their field.

Each member is experienced with working on large scale Enterprise applications, some of which are currently available worldwide.

Experienced with DevOps, UX Design, Prototyping, UI Frameworks, API Management & Micro-Services, Digital Platforms, and Cloud Application Frameworks.

Designed with accordance to best practices.

Problem Solving: CodeSoju originated as a solution to combat the lack of tools for a complete integrated development cycle.

CodeSoju brings a better understanding of the full cycle from prototyping to scaffolding to development to deployment and testing.